photo series 2023-

Karlo Štefanek                                                                              
Katarina Šekutor 

The title Bridges reflects the series’ exploration of synergy between the human spirit and its origins. Each photograph serves as a visual poem, a silent dialogue between an artist and his surroundings. In Bridges, Karlo Štefanek and Katarina Šekutor seamlessly blend as artist and photographer, creating a visual symphony where the photographer's lens and the artist’s vulnerability intertwine and shape a collaborative visual narrative. Whether rooted in the familiar forest of their upbringing or featuring motifs of houses within, to Štefanek and Šekutor, the omnipresence of wilderness serves as a foundational source from which all artistic ideas spring forth.  This photo series is an ongoing peace in which the artists will continue to photograph themselves in places of most significance to them. The first in the series was shot among the trees and nature park of Medvednica, Zagreb, where the image of the abandoned house stands as a distinct symbol of the home they have left behind. By making this a collection, the artists hope to find a common thread between position and expression, wilderness and shelter, habitat and inspiration. 

Bridges is now exclusively available on the artist’s OnlyFans page, free of any censorship.

In partnership with Sex Workers Outreach Project USA, 10% of all earnings are donated to the cause. 

Read the artist’s statement below. 

The artist's statement


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