something that serves to remind, 
a keepsake, a souvenir.

Performed in Treehouse NDSM, Amsterdam on 19 January 2024

Viewers are invited to perceive dialogue as something to be cherished. This performance by Karlo Štefanek and Jillis Pieters explores the poetic subtleties of everyday language, presenting conversation as the environment that surrounds us. 
 Through an interplay of digital and analogue, the artists highlight the contrast, prompting reflection on the evolving nature of conversation. Memento also lays bare the vulnerability inherent in spoken words, creating an intimate and immersive experience for the audience. 
As the inaugural rendition of an ongoing series The Conversation Piece, Memento is one of many performances the duo plans on making.

Duration: 3 performances, 20 minutes each

A roll of paper. A box of pens and ink. A projector. A microphone. A laptop with a speech-to-text feature. The speaker speaks into a microphone, upon which their words are transcribed onto paper thanks to voice recognition. 
When the speaker is done talking, the listener highlights the speaker’s words on the paper using writing and drawing materials. 
After the listener is done, he pulls the roll of paper downwards and proceeds to the microphone. The roles become reversed and the cycle gets repeated. The performance concludes when neither participant has anything left to say. 

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