Mutual weight
Pieke Pleijers
“Life begins and ends with being carried.”

In this durational performance, performed at Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam as part of the Rietveld Uncut, thirty people took turns carrying each other in pairs. Pieke Pleijers’ work focuses on how individuals form a collective that is able to accommodate others, as a radical act of inclusion that connects bodies and provides shelter.

Sound design by Timon Persoon. Portraits by Antonia Valentina and Jordi De Vetten. Analogues by Jordan Ramsey. Event photography by Sal van Dijk, Miray van der Bend, and Rodrigo Munnecom.

Karlo Štefanek and Sara Frances Tompkins, Dominique de Martiis and Agathe Lemaitre, Romaine Gijsberti Hodenpijl and Chaja van Kollem, Max van Westerop and Tabor Idema, Siri Tvorup Pedersen and Elsa Rubio, Amar Delplanque-Maxwell and Eliot Busca, Tunde Dawkins and Dorian Milovic, Yara Piekema and Liam Pleijers, Jay Chia Henareh and Melchior Koch, Vasilisa Ikryannikova and Shushu Sieberns, Gabriel de Oliviera and Minh Thang, Axelle Maillet and Anka Loladze, Charlotte Dijkgraaf and Guillaume Lamour, Jakub Mikolaj Dragun and Bence Ungvari.

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