A brocula sonnet, 2023
I’m just a coaster bearing the weight of glasses, 2023
The illness glows in every colour imaginable, but right now mine shines mulberry, 2023
No longer a statue in a blossoming garden, 2022
Hands that picked out gold photos, 2022
God’s plan, 2022
Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain, 2022
And he no longer is, 2022
Way of life from sixteenth to sixteenth, 2022
Leaving to come back I, 2021
Leaving to come back II, 2021
Coming back to leave I, 2021
Coming back to leave II, 2021

Various poetry, written from 2021 onwards. 
Štefanek’s poems are often accompanied by visuals and sounds.
The artist is currently working on publishing a collection of this selected work.

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